Sentinel C28DP Differential Pressure Instrument

  • Sentinel C28DP Differential Pressure Instrument

The Sentinel C28DP Differential Pressure leak test instrument provides the same exceptional performance of our C28WE leak test instrumentation, with the newly designed Differential Pressure decay circuit and differential pressure transducer. The Sentinel C28DP uses a 32-bit processor, 24-bit A/D technology, and advanced algorithms to deliver fast, repeatable results.

Testing Technologies

Single Test Configurable for Pressure Decay Test Requirements                

  • Differential Pressure Decay Leak Standard
  • Pressure Decay Leak Standard
  • Pressure Decay (∆P/∆T)
  • Pressure Decay (∆T)
  • Occlusion (Back Pressure)

Selectable Test Parameters

  •  Quick Test
  •  Test Pressure Level Compensation
  • Adjustable Environmental Drift Correction per test program

Advanced Features
  • Differential Pressure Transducer – Measures the pressure drop difference between the test part and a fixed reference volume.
  • Absolute Pressure Transducer – Monitors test pressures and displays pressure relative to atmosphere (gage pressure).
  • 32 available part programs
  • Data storage for up to 12,000 test results
  • Expanded instrument control through EtherNet/IP™ Communication
  • Selectable, independently programmable digital inputs (6) and outputs (3)
  • Prewired I/O cables
Standard Features
  • Panel mount configuration measures 162mm x 213mm x 176mm
  • 32-bit processor and 24-bit A/D converter
  • Language neutral interface; menu selectable languages include Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean
  • High-resolution test results
  • Fully integrated electronics and pneumatics
  • Integrated self test feature

Standard Test Pressure Ranges

Standard pressure transducer, valve manifolds, and regulator ranges: 2, 30, 100, 200

  • Differential pressure transducer with 0-1 psi measurement; protected 0-5 psi range
  • Absolute pressure transducer
  • Two (2) point pressure calibration
  • Gage pressure resolution: 0.00005% of transducer range (0.3 pa for 200 psig range).
    Displayed resolution is selectable: X - X.XXXXXX
  • Differential pressure resolution: 0.00005% of transducer range.
    Displayed resolution is selectable: X - X.XXXXXX

Selectable Test Units of Measure

  • Pressure: PSIG, inH2O, cmH2O, mmH2O, kg/cm2, ATM, inHg, cmHg, mmHg, kPa, Pa, MPa, Bar, mBar, Torr
  • Flow: Sccm, sccs, scch, slpm, slps, slph, scfm, scfs, scfh
  • Time: Sec, msec, min

Units of measure can be instrument global or per test program

Tooling Control

  • Expanded control through EtherNet/IP™ Communication
  • 6 inputs/3 outputs - 1 programmable tooling motion - no feedback
  • Tooling I/O is  internally connected
  • I/O 24 VDC – optional I/O cable “Cable,CTS, P56-540”

Test Data Storage

  • Up to 5000 LIFO part results including Date / Time / Test Results
  • SPC data tracking for part traceability

Electrical Requirements and Connectivity

  • 88-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz or optional 22-26 VDC
  • RS232(1)
  • Telnet(1)
  • USB storage device for firmware upload only (FAT32, USB1.0,1.1,2.0)
  • ¼” Colder fitting for test line attachment

All CTS instruments include password protected program and test result storage. All CTS instruments are CE certified and carry a two year limited warranty. Normal delivery for a standard C28 instrument is typically two weeks plus delivery time. Contact Us to select the proper standard test instrument for your application.

CTS has more than 30 years of experience perfecting high precision, repeatable and reliable instruments to optimize the most demanding leak test applications in any manufacturing environment. CTS application engineers can help you develop a unique solution specifically suited to your needs.

You can trust CTS to provide you with the right solution to fit your specific testing requirement


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