Pressure Decay - Leak Standard Calibration



C28 - dP Leak Standard Slope ChartThe Pressure Decay - Leak Standard test is used to determine a leak rate/flow rate calculated by the instrument from the pressure loss calculation. CTS Sentinel instruments are equipped with an Absolute Pressure Transducer that measures the delta pressure loss (psig) and converts that measurement to a flow rate (scc/m). For accuracy the instrument needs to be calibrated to perform the conversion. Once the calibration is complete converting the delta pressure to a flow rate is performed automatically by the instrument.


Pressure Decay Program Calibration

  1. A non-leaking Master Part is tested to establish the “Zero Leak” setpoint (Master Part Loss).
  2. The Master Part is tested with the Leak Standard included in the test circuit to determine the maximum Acceptable Leak Rate (Master + Leak Loss).

Using these setpoints the instrument establishes the ‘Target Flow Window’ for a pressure decay flow leak test.


Pressure Decay Leak Standard Calibration Cycle

Pressure Decay Leak Standard Calibration Cycle

The test cycle fills a test part to a specified test pressure, the test part is isolated from source air, test pressure stabilizes, and the pressure decay test is run.  The instrument measures the delta pressure loss and correlates it to flow units and reports the results of the test. If the flow rate is within the ‘acceptable leak rate flow limits, the part passes the leak test. If outside the target limits, the part fails the leak test and is rejected.

target pressure window graph