Leak Rate Calculator App for Android & iOS from CTS

September 1, 2016 | By CTS Admin
Cincinnati Test Systems’ Leak Rate Calculator for mobile devices provides calculators and unit conversions for leak rate testing. 23 August 2016—Harrison, OH—Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS), an industry leading manufacturer of leak test instrumentation and turnkey systems, is pleased to announce the development and recent release of its new mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The CTS Leak Rate Calculator application is a useful, intuitive tool that includes calculators and unit conversions for leak rate testing. Leak Rate Calculator App CTS developed their mobile app to calculate leak test cycle times using leak rate, test volume, and pressure drop variables. The app also provides conversions for volume, pressure, bubble to leak rate, length, and area. It was designed for ease of use with a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation between features and functions. The most recent iteration of the CTS app as of this writing (version 2.3) includes the following features:
  • Calculator: leak rate—time or part volume
  • Calculator: leak rate to bubble frequency
  • Calculator: bubble frequency to leak rate
  • Unit converter: area
  • Unit converter: leak rates
  • Unit converter: length
  • Unit converter: pressure
  • Unit converter: volume
The Cincinnati Test Systems Leak Rate Calculator app is now available for free download through Google Play and iTunes. Cincinnati Test Systems are the experts in leak detection equipment, specializing in pressure decay, vacuum decay, mass flow, and helium leak testing. For over 35 years, the company has been supplying leak detection instruments, function test systems, assembly verification, and more to clients all around the world, with sales and service in more than 20 countries. Turn to CTS for all your leak test needs. Visit them online at www.cincinnati-test.com. CTS assumes no liability or responsibility in regards to the use or misuse of their app.


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