Automotive Component & Sub-Assembly Leak Test Solutions

Quality testing and traceability are important in automotive component manufacturing. CTS has decades of experience providing leak and flow test solutions to OEMs and Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers across the automotive sector. The range of components and the requirements for testing are broad and varied but with our extensive portfolio of leak test instrumentation and capabilities, we can get you the right solution for your application. Ensure components are leak-free before they are integrated into other assemblies and improve productivity and reduce rework down the production line. 

Automotive Components

Leak Testing Sealed Electronic Components 

Today’s vehicles contain many sealed electronic parts and accurately leak testing these components to ensure they meet specifications and IPXX standards for water or particle ingress can pose some challenges. CTS offers a number of proven solutions and we will work with you based on the part design, material, leak targets and other factors to select the approach that delivers the results you need. 
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Leak Testing Die Cast Automotive Components

Die cast components, housings and sub-assemblies are used throughout a vehicle for various functions. As vehicles continue to rely more on electronic systems, the requirements for leak-proof die cast parts have grown. Whether it’s for ICE or EVs, you can rely on our experience and advanced technologies to mitigate issues affecting leak test accuracy and repeatability such as the porous nature of the components.