Variable Rate FEP Permeation Model (TPV) Leak Standard

The TPV model calibrated helium leak standard works equally well calibrating helium leak detectors that test under vacuum, and helium leak detectors that sample from atmosphere utilizing a sniffer probe This is enabled by the design, which features both an integral KF25 (NW25) vacuum fitting and a pin-point helium source that accepts and aligns most manufacturers sniffer probes with virtually no dead volume where helium can accumulate and cause inconsistent readings. Calibrated helium leak standards with shut-off valves are designed to be used with hard vacuum systems and should not be used to calibrate a "Sniffer Type" leak detector. The FEP type leak element is not driven by differential pressure but helium partial pressure flows helium at virtually the same rate flowing into a vacuum or flowing. 

Image of a TPV Leak Master for Helium Vacuum and Sniffer Systems

Features of TPV Leak Master for Helium Vacuum and Sniffer Systems 

  • Three-point calibration with attached graph (press. vs. leak rate) 
  • Unbreakable FEP permeation type leak element 
  • Not susceptible to plugging 
  • The helium may be vented with the TPV model prior to shipping. 
  • Refilling kit/pressure regulator is available to facilitate safe and easy refilling 

We use the finest grade of FEP available to manufacture our FEP leak elements. The leak elements have been tested at temperatures ranging from 10°C to 40°C , yielding a temperature coefficient of approximately 2.5%/°C with no anomalous behavior.