Variable Rate Crimped Capillary (CPV) Leak Standard 

Developed to calibrate “sniffer” type leak detectors, the CPV model calibrated leak standard is available for several different gas types and mixes. It is often used to verify the concentration of a tracer gas in a mix, and to calibrate hydrogen leak detectors. The CPV model features a pin-point gas source that accepts and aligns most manufacturers’ sniffer probes with virtually no dead volume where tracer gases can accumulate and cause inconsistent readings. Calibrated helium leak standards with shut-off valves and should not be used to calibrate a “Sniffer Type” leak detector. 

This model is available in leak rates ranging from 10-5 to 10-2 atm-cc/s, with other rates available upon request. 

image of a CPV model leak standard with gauge on white background

CPV Calibrated Leak Standard Features

  • Three-point calibration with attached graph (press. vs. leak rate)
  • Pin-point gas source that works well with many sniffer probes
  • Unbreakable stainless steel crimped capillary-type leak element
  • Very low temperature coefficient, 0.2%/°C
  • Gas may be vented prior to shipping
  • Available with a Sensistor Hydrogen Leak Detector sniffer probe interface.
  • Refilling kit/pressure regulator is available to facilitate safe and easy refilling