TracerMate II HVAC-R Portable Leak Test System

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For simplicity and portability, we have integrated the TracerMate II gas management instrument with our patented "Nitrogen Purge Technology" your choice of a Helium or Hydrogen detection device and a vacuum pump mounted on a test cart to provide an off-the-shelf answer for low level and repeatable leak testing.

Together these components provide a tracer gas leak detection system that is both sensitive and much less time-dependent than typical accumulation trace gas testing methods.
The TracerMate Nitrogen Purge System has three main components: the Nitrogen Purge Clam Shell test fixture, the Mass Spectrometer gas analyzer, and the TracerMate tracer gas management instrument.

Nitrogen Purge Technology Highlights:

  • Localized Testing with superior background control
  • Increased sensitivity for improved accuracy
  • Low pressure Nitrogen purge reduces background to 10-6 scc/s
  • Low cost tracer gas testing method

Custom portable Nitrogen
Purge Clam Shell System

CTS’ patented Purging Clam Shell provides an isolated environment to leak test an area of the part by creating a purge gas shield around the part to control atmospheric background.  During the test, the inner chamber collects tracer gas, while the outer chamber provides a constant low pressure Nitrogen curtain to hold back and prevent ambient background from entering. Meanwhile, the tracer gas leaking out of the part into the chamber is drawn into the Mass Spectrometer and analyzed.

The Mass Spectrometer, like the Inficon LDS3000XL shown here, is used detect qualifiable amounts Helium or Hydrogen gas escaping from a micro-leak. When a tracer gas is detected it signals the TracerMate instrument that the gas concentration being monitored exceeded the leak rate setpoint (set by TracerMate) to Reject the part test.

The CTS Sentinel TracerMate II instrument is our all-in-one tracer gas management system. It provides part evacuation, test pressure, gross leak testing, tracer gas backfill, and executes the exhaust process. TracerMate integrates easy to tracer gas leak test systems, it communicates with most Mass Spectrometers, and it provides test result management for process control

CTS can design and build Purging Clamshell fixtures to fit your application optimized for both accuracy and low cycle time. For your next project contact Cincinnati Test Systems - the unmatched leader in Leak Test Systems.


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