Patented ‘Nitrogen Purge’ Leak Testing Technology

Typical tracer gas sniffer test systems sample the background to detect helium escaping from a leak. However, background helium concentration fluctuations can make it difficult to consistently distinguish good from bad product and can result in false leak failures. Nitrogen purge leak testing is a more effective tracer gas leak test method. It uses nitrogen to force ambient background atmosphere (air, helium, etc.) from a leak test area to increase testing sensitivity for more accurate detection of micro-leaks.

Cincinnati Test Systems’ patented nitrogen purge leak testing unit can eliminate false leak failures. The patented clam shell device utilizes low pressure nitrogen, to create a helium-free environment for the mass spectrometer gas analyzer to sample and detect micro-leaks. Watch the video below to learn more about nitrogen leak detection solutions from Cincinnati Test Systems or contact us to discuss your requirements.



Nitrogen Purge Leak Testing for Reliable Detection of Micro Leaks

Nitrogen purging is an effective method of detecting micro-leaks and can be more reliable than other tests that are easily affected by environmental factors. Primary benefits include:

  • Can detect leaks as low as 1x10-6 scc/s
  • Low cost tracer gas testing method
  • Localized sniff testing with superior background control
  • Increased sensitivity for improved leak detection accuracy
  • Reduces false leak failures

An All-in-One Solution for Nitrogen Purge Leak Testing

The TracerMate II is an “all in one” nitrogen leak detection system that provides evacuation, test pressure, a gross leak test, tracer gas backfill, and the exhaust process. It is offered in custom handheld and benchtop configurations to meet your testing needs.
Our handheld nitrogen leak detector is small, custom designed to your application, and easily maneuvered to clamp over components, fittings, and joints. The custom benchtop clamshell nitrogen purge leak test fixtures are designed to fit a broad range of applications.
The nitrogen leak test device integrates easily to control operation and manage test results and it can communicate with most Mass Spectrometers. Additional features and benefits include:
  • Patented nitrogen purge testing method provides superior background control, reducing the need for large-chamber hard vacuum test systems
  • Increased sensitivity of sniff testing for greater accuracy and repeatability
  • Low pressure nitrogen reduces background to 10-7 atm-cc/s range
  • Concentrated nitrogen gas isolation chamber increases sensitivity to accurately detect micro-leaks
  • Versatility for use in a broad range of heating and cooling applications
Follow the link below or click here for additional product information and specifications. View the video above for more information on CTS nitrogen purge technology. Click here to view the TracerMate II brochure.

What Is the Nitrogen Leak Testing Procedure?

The CTS Sentinel TracerMate II clamshell device has inner and outer chambers that surround the part test area. The chambers have ports that allow nitrogen to enter the cavity and force out ambient atmosphere.
During the leak test cycle, the inner chamber collects the tracer gas leaking from the part. The outer chamber then provides a constant low positive pressure nitrogen curtain to hold back and prevent ambient background from entering, effectively isolating the inner chamber.
The gas from the chamber is drawn into the Mass Spectrometer, which analyzes the nitrogen to detect the presence of tracer gas. These readings are then displayed to determine a “pass” or “fail” for the nitrogen leak test.

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