TracerMate II HVAC-R Portable Leak Location System

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An integrated, portable tracer gas leak location solution for HVAC and refrigerant systems

For simplicity and portability, we have integrated the TracerMate II gas management instrument with your choice of a Helium or Hydrogen detection device and a vacuum pump mounted on a test cart to provide an off-the-shelf answer for leak location testing.

This system allows for excellent tracer gas control to address all the technical and physical requirements of a leak test. A mass spectrometer or gas analyzer detects microleaks by measuring for a concentration of helium or hydrogen gas escaping from your part.

The whole system is integrated onto a portable cart. An operator can simply wheel it up into your test area, manually place the seals on the charge ports and pass a leak detection wand over suspect joints to obtain trackable leak location pass/fail results. A high-resolution pressure decay leak test and leak location detection can be performed right there in the same test station.


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