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Patented ‘Nitrogen Purge’ Leak Testing

Nitrogen Purge leak testing is a tracer gas leak test method that uses Nitrogen to force ambient background from a leak test area to increase sensitivity for detecting micro-leaks.

Highlights of Nitrogen Purge Leak Testing:

  • Detects leaks as low as 1x10-6 scc/s
  • Low cost tracer gas testing method
  • Localized Sniff Testing with superior background control
  • Increased sensitivity for improved leak detection accuracy
  • Reduces false leak failures

Typical tracer gas sniffer leak detectors sample background to detect Helium escaping from a leak. Atmosphere has trace amounts of Helium in it, and when analyzed for Helium content, background Helium concentration fluctuations making it difficult to consistently distinguish good from bad product resulting in false leak failures. False leak failures typically occur in facilities where helium concentration is high.

CTS SolutionsNitrogen Purge Rendering

CTS TracerMate Nitrogen Purge System with Patented Clam Shell Device

The CTS patented Nitrogen purge clam shell test method can eliminate ‘false leak failures’.  Utilizing low pressure Nitrogen, the system creates a ‘Helium-free’ environment for the Mass Spectrometer to sample and detect micro-leaks. The CTS clam shell device has inner and outer chambers that surround the part test area. The chambers have ports to allow Nitrogen to enter the cavity and force out ambient atmosphere. During the leak test cycle, the inner chamber collects the tracer gas leaking from the part. The outer chamber provides a constant low positive pressure Nitrogen curtain to hold back and prevent ambient background from entering, effectively isolating the inner chamber. As shown, the Nitrogen Purge Clam Shell design is available in custom ‘hand-held’ and ‘benchtop’ configuration.

See a video explanation of CTS Nitrogen Purge Technology

See a brochure explanation of TracerMate CS Nitrogen Purge brochure

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