Leak Testing Respiratory Breathing Tubes

When you need to transport oxygen, airflow, or anesthetic, turn to CTS to ensure the devices are free of leaks and blockages. 

Respiratory breathing devices have a tight specification, because too much or too little air can be catastrophic for a user. Also, such devices could be in use for up to two weeks, so the device must be able to withstand a sustained level of use. With our leading Sentinel Blackbelt or Blackbelt Pro leak test instruments, Cincinnati Test Systems ensures dimensional stability, temperature stability, volume of the pressurized/evacuated area, accuracy, and more.

Image shows an anesthesia ventilator workstation, with respiratory tubing in the foreground.

Leak and Blockage Test Process for Respiratory Breathing Circuits

Respiratory breathing tubes are usually used to provide an umbilical connection between a ventilator and the patient for inhalation and exhalation gas management. Also called ventilator breathing sets, ventilator breathing circuits, anesthetic breathing sets or anesthetic breathing circuits, they can also be used for anesthetic delivery. 
Most frequently manufactured from corrugated polymer tubing, common variants include single limb, dual limb, coaxial in both heated and non-heated variants. To test 100% of production, medical device manufacturers typically use dry positive pressure mass flow leak testing with a single-channel Sentinel Blackbelt or multi-channel Blackbelt Pro instrument. 
Close-up of mask and tubing for a ventilator shown in a medical setting.

For most applications, the test is executed using clean and dry compressed air at approximately 60 cmH2O (0.85 psig) positive pressure. This pressure is largely driven by the audit testing specifications prescribed under ISO-5367.

Total test cycle time required is dependent upon many factors, including:
  • Reject limit selected
  • Volume of the pressurized/ evacuated area of the part under test
  • Temperature stability of part and testing environment
  • Dimensional stability of the part while under test
  • Repeatability requirements defined by the user
  • Accuracy, precision and resolution of the instrument executing the test

Learn more about how the Sentinel Blackbelt and Blackbelt Pro Ensure All Respiratory Devices on the Assembly Line Meet Specifications 

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