Calibration Test System


Calibration verifies the readings of a measurement instrument to ensure they fall within predetermined specifications. This improves the accuracy of a measurement device and ensures consistent measurements in testing applications.

The Importance of Using Test Equipment Calibration Systems

calibration test systemsTest equipment calibration is important for maintaining consistency in testing applications, which ultimately impacts manufacturing consistency and product quality. Calibrating test equipment is also important for product safety and preventing defects that result in costly production delays or product failure and recalls.

Custom calibration test systems measure the accuracy and traceability of measuring devices and equipment. Conducting these tests is extremely important because the accuracy of measurement devices and equipment begins to decline over time. These changes in accuracy happen naturally with normal use but may also be caused by exposure to extreme operating environments or damage from shock, vibration, or impact.

The frequency of test equipment calibration varies depending on the manufacturer, as well as the age of the equipment and frequency of use. Depending on the industry or type of product being manufactured, regular test calibration may also be required for compliance with facility or equipment certifications. Most measurement devices are calibrated either monthly, quarterly, or annually, or whenever the equipment suffers damage that might affect its reliability.

Bring Effective Test Equipment Calibration to Your Facility

Custom calibration test equipment from Cincinnati Test Systems test parts to ensure they conform with manufacturer specifications and are sized to meet production requirements. Our calibration test systems are reliable, versatile, and can be used to test a broad range of electrical, mechanical, and electro-mechanical systems, from any manufacturer.

Test calibration systems can perform resistance, pressure, and vacuum tests for efficient and effective liquid flow calibration or air flow calibration (per your specifications). Our calibration test equipment collects, stores, and downloads complete and accurate data for SPC analysis to document the part to a test.

All our custom calibration test systems are custom engineered for your specific parts and built to meet your needs. We can provide a turnkey calibration test system for most any project, from the most basic tabletop design to a fully automated, multiple-station system with part movement, progressive tests within the test cell, and part identification and marking for serialized identification.
CTS calibration test systems are commonly used for electro-mechanical component parts, such as control valves, regulators, pressure switches, and monitoring devices to ensure they are operating to design specifications.  

Contact CTS for A Custom Calibration Test System

A custom-designed, custom-engineered calibration test system from CTS is the perfect solution for your equipment testing and calibration needs. Tailored to your application and performance requirements, these devices are an effective and efficient way to ensure proper air or liquid flow calibration of your parts and products.
Contact Cincinnati Test Systems today to get started on a custom calibration test system for your project.