FEP Permeation Model (TP) Leak Standard 

The TP model calibrated helium leak standard calibrates vacuum systems and helium leak detectors that test under vacuum. It works well in an industrial environment and is the best choice for applications where the calibrated leak standard will be exposed to contaminates, such as on a vacuum chamber application. We use the finest grade of FEP available to manufacture our FEP leak elements. The leak elements have been tested at temperatures ranging from 10°C to 40°C yielding a temperature coefficient of approximately 2.5%/°C with no anomalous behavior. 

Image of TP model leak standard

Features of FEP Leak Master for Vacuum Systems 

  • Unbreakable FEP permeation type leak element 
  • All welded stainless-steel construction 
  • Complete with a shut off valve 
  • Not susceptible to plug 

This model is available with various sizes of DOT rated gas reservoirs. The reservoir size is usually dictated by the leak rate to insure an acceptable yearly depletion rate.