Capillary Sniffer Model (CPS) Leak Standards

Designed to accurately calibrate sniffer-type leak detectors, the CPS model calibrated leak standard is available for several different gas types and mixes. This type of leak detector samples from atmospheric conditions via a Sniffer Probe Assembly. Calibrated leak standards with shut-off valves should not be used to calibrate a Sniffer Type leak detector. It is available in leak rates ranging from 10-5 to 10-2 atm-cc/s, with other rates available upon request. 

Features of CPS Leak Master for Sniffers 

  • Pin-point gas source that introduces tracer gas without dead volumes where gases can accumulate and cause inaccurate, inconsistent readings on a leak detector. 
  • Accepts a variety of sniffer probes from various manufactures 
  • Unbreakable stainless steel crimped capillary type leak element 
  • All welded stainless steel construction 
  • Very low temperature coefficient of 0.2%/°C 

This model is available with various sizes of DOT rated gas reservoirs. The reservoir size is usually dictated by the leak rate to ensure an acceptable yearly depletion rate.