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Functional testing is critical to the performance of any complex system, as it checks the system against its design documents and specifications to ensure that it performs all of its functions as it should. And, essential to all functional test systems is the ability to collect and process data. Whether you need to test and calibrate equipment or establish characterization curves on parts tested via a hydrostatic leak test, Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has the experience and expertise to provide functional test systems that are custom-tailored to your application.

We design, manufacture, and support custom functional test systems and lean cell testing solutions. We are a recognized global leader in functional test system technology, providing turnkey solutions that include precision instrumentation and information software written by CTS’ expert engineers, and are supported by a team of technical application specialists.

Proven Engineering, Design Versatility & Extensive Experience for Functional Test Systems 

CTS’ expertise crosses multiple business sectors, allowing us to provide customers with test solutions designed for their specific market or application. We offer a variety of integrated technologies including:

Equipment Calibration Test Systems

CTS equipment calibration systems allow users to test their parts to ensure that they conform to manufacturer specs and are sized to meet production requirements. These calibration testing solutions can be used to test electrical, mechanical, and electromechanical systems via resistance, pressure, and/or vacuum testing. We can provide the custom equipment calibration system you need, from a simple tabletop device to a fully-automated multi-station system with advanced capabilities.

Dunk Testing Systems

Our dunk testing systems are used to test parts to ensure they conform to manufacturer leak specifications and are sized to meet production requirements. Dunk testing involves submerging a gas-filled (usually compressed air) part in water to identify leaks via a stream of bubbles. These systems use pressure decay leak testing to measure leak rates in vessels of all types. A variety of options, including automation and more, are available to create the perfect dunk test solution for your application.

Flow Testing Solutions

CTS provides the industry’s most reliable and effective flow testing solutions. We design and build flow testing systems that utilize a variety of flow test techniques, and will work with you to determine which option will provide the best results in your application. We can provide solutions for flow path size testing, flow leak testing, and more. These functional test systems are designed for easy integration into your production processes for fast and efficient testing.

Fluid & Air Burst Test Systems

Burst testing uses pressurized fluid or compressed air to apply controlled pressure to the exterior of a part to ensure that the part functions properly and doesn’t leak at the prescribed pressure level. Our fluid and air burst test solutions are designed to operate in your specific test environment, and at the pressure level(s) your products require. Custom part fixturing, test connectors, and other features ensure that your fluid/air burst test system delivers the right performance for your application.

Hydrostatic Leak Test Systems

Hydrostatic leak testing is used to check a part vessel or cavity for leaks and test its structural strength and pressure tightness. An internal cavity pressure test uses a non-compressible liquid, a volumetric displacement sensing device, and a calibrated test instrument to detect leakage. CTS hydrostatic leak test solutions utilize calibrated volumetric fill testing to identify leaks via pressure drop. These functional test systems can also be used to perform burst, leak, flow, equipment calibration, or integrity testing.

Building Quality Functional Test Systems for Over 30 Years

CTS has built thousands of custom functional test systems, all designed specifically to meet the needs of the customer’s production and test requirements—and we can build one for you! Our proven track record of testing success speaks for itself.

Solenoid Calibration
Solenoid Calibration

Put your trust in a company with the experience, diversity, and innovated technology to provide turnkey functional test systems that are designed for your application and that deliver the quality, performance, and productivity you need.

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