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Technical Resources

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has provided several resources for your use and easy reference. Please feel free to utilize our technical resource library. Thank you for using CTS as your resource for production testing.

ROI Helium Calculator Use this calculator to determine the yearly usage and estimated cost of using helium as your tracer gas source. The calculator will also help you determine and Return on Investment (ROI) when considering a reclamation system.

Unit Conversion Use this conversion to find equal values in various units of measure for easy reference.

Leak Rate Calculator Use this calculator to help determine any of the following:

  1. Leak Rate based on pressure loss and time of measurement based part volume.
  2. Require TEST time based on a leak rate and part volume. (does not include fill, stabilization, and exhaust time)
  3. Part volume when leak rate, test time, and pressure loss is known.
  4. Pressure loss when leak rate, test time, and part volume is known.


The information contained on this Technical Resource page is for information purposes only and may not apply to your situation. CTS provides no warranty about the content or accuracy of content enclosed and this is to be used for reference material only.