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CTS Connect

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has over 30 years of sealing experience in leak testing and filling applications. We offer a full line of standard pneumatic connectors, manual connectors, and luer connectors, and can custom-manufacture specialty pneumatic seals to fit our customers' irregularly shaped seal surfaces.

Request a quote on pneumatic connectors or custom pneumatic seals for your application. Contact CTS to discuss your custom requirements or to learn more about any of our high performance products.

Pneumatic Seals & Connectors for All Applications

Cincinnati Test Systems is an industry leader in standard and custom pneumatic connectors and seals. The CTS Connect family of connectors and seals are engineered for ease of use, longevity, and sealing reliability, and are designed to meet all our customers’ sealing needs, from smooth bores to threaded applications.

We produce pneumatic connectors that meet standard, metric, SAE, and other sealing requirements. Our custom pneumatic seals are designed and manufactured to meet your specific sealing requirements. We also offer a line of molded and cut specialty seals for complex sealing applications.

CTS Connect pneumatic connectors and seals all use our proprietary seal materials. These unique materials are manufactured to resist wear and are resistant to all types fluids and chemicals.

Request a quote or contact us for the pneumatic connectors and pneumatic seals your application requires. View the CTS Connect brochure or product catalog for additional information.

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