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Tracer Gas Leak Test Systems

Tracer gas leak testing is a simple and highly-efficient method of leak detection that provides high sensitivity as well as increased accuracy and repeatability. This method is used for testing parts with very low leak rates that are outside the range for conventional air-flow pressure decay and mass flow, or to replace bubble test methods. Tracer gas testing uses escaping tracer gas to identify micro-leaks in the range of 1x10-4 to 10-9 scc/s. 

Leak Rate Sensitivity Comparison Chart










Benefits of Tracer Gas Leak Testing:

  • Enhanced sensitivity or resolution for increased leak test accuracy
  • Capability to detect micro-leaks down to 1x10-9 scc/s (0.0000000001 scc/m)
  • Faster than air-flow technology
  • Non-temperature dependent test accuracy
  • Significantly reduces false leak failures

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Types of Tracer GasMass Spectrometer

Helium is the most commonly used tracer gas in leak detection. It is non-flammable, non-destructive, non-toxic, inert, and only has trace presence in our atmosphere.  Helium can be used at 100% concentration or mixed with other gas, such as Nitrogen or dry air, to help reduce the cost of leak testing. A forming gas is a low cost alternative to Helium. It is typically a mixture of 5% Hydrogen and 95% Nitrogen and can be used as a safe, non-flammable, and effective tracer gas in many applications.

A Mass Spectrometer, gas analyzer, is used in tracer gas leak testing to detect the presence of Helium or Hydrogen escaping from a micro-leak.


TracerMate CS Leak Test Instrument

The CTS Sentinel TracerMate CS instrument is our all-in-one tracer gas management system. It provides part evacuation, test pressure, gross leak testing, tracer gas backfill, and executes the exhaust process. TracerMate integrates easy to tracer gas leak test systems, it communicates with most Mass Spectrometers, and it provides test result management for process control. In addition, the TracerMate CS can control basic machine functions used in the leak test system, such as tool motion control and barcode scanning. If more complex machine sequencing is required, TracerMate CS can be integrated with a PLC or PC based control system to provide increased process control.

TracerMate CS Leak Test Instrument For TracerMate CS specifications, Click Here.

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