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Many manufacturers struggle with balancing accuracy, cycle time and Gage R&R at the leak test station—particularly when faced with a leak test with complex requirements, like large volume leak test, variable volume, multi-cavity parts, etc.  
These test scenarios require a precise balance of pressure control, flow range and fill rate to get an accurate reading and meet cycle time requirements, which the Sentinel 3520 delivers.  

Performing in the most challenging leak test situations on the line 

  • Testing large parts, up to 1000L 
  • Testing variable volume parts with multiple cavities 
  • Compensating for temperature fluctuations affecting test 
  • Achieving balanced accuracy, cycle time, and Gage R&R 

Leak and Flow Test Instrument: Test Types

Depending on your test needs, the Sentinel 3520 can be configured to meet your requirements for pressure range, flow meter range and flow configuration. The Sentinel 3520 supports the following test types:
  • Pressure/Vacuum Decay: Leak Standard
  • Pressure/Vacuum Decay: ΔP
  • Pressure/Vacuum Decay: ΔP/ΔT
  • Occlusion: Pressure or Vacuum
  • Ramp to Proof: Pressure (Burst Test)
  • Pressure Verify
  • Customizable Pressure / Flow Sequencing
  • Mass Flow (Flow Models)
  • Test Volume Verification (Flow Models)


  • Pressure measurement and control resolution down to ±0.000,01 psi
  • Flow measurement down to ±0.2 % of full scale
  • High flow fast fill up to 300 SLPM
  • Test parts from 1 cc to 1,000,000 cc in volume
  • Helium evacuate and fill
  • Customizable pressure and flow sequencing
  • sigPOD controller equipped with PSV software, using digital process signatures for advanced test analysis
  • Use the sigPOD controller to conduct an additional in-process test such as press-fit, weld or dispense monitoring

Advanced Product Features

  • Patented PID controlled electronic regulators for pressure and flow
  • Fully adjustable control loop settings for electronic regulators
  • Valve-operated calibration port for automatic verification
  • Unit under test (UUT) isolate valve allows complete self-test without any external connection changes
  • Dedicated temperature sensors for advanced temperature compensation capability
  • Pass/fail decisions with digital process signatures (waveforms)
  • Air piloted valves to reduce effects of heat in high flow manifold version
  • Latching valves reduce effects of heat in low volume manifold version


  • Test pressure accuracy: ±0.25 of full scale, best-fit straight line
  • Test pressure resolution: Down to ±0.000,01 psi
  • Flow accuracy:
  • ±1 % of reading when value is >20 % of full scale
  • ±0.2 % of full scale when value is <20 % of full scale
  • Pressure ranges (psig): 12 psig vacuum to 95 psig
  • Flow ranges: 0 to 30 SLPM
  • Volume ranges: 1 cc to 1,000,000 cc
  • Fill rate: 20 SLPM (low volume manifold) to 300 SLPM (high volume manifold)
Please see the Sentinel 3520 datasheet for full specifications.

Input Power

  • Connector: M12 4 pin T-code plug
  • Supply: 24 V (22 to 26 VDC)
  • Ripple: <250 mV peak to peak
  • Power (Max): 40 W (including all accessories)
  • Power (Typ): 10 W (single channel leak test)
  • Power (Idle): 6 W
  • Inrush current: 5 A for 0.25 s


  • Connector: M12 4 pin D-code socket
  • Data rate: 100/10 Mbps

External valve interface

  • Connector: M12 8 pin A-code socket
  • Valves: (4×) 2.5 W at 24 V

Temperature input

  • Connector: M12 4 pin A-code socket
  • Sensor: 100 Ω Platinum RTD
  • Excitation: 1.25 mA
  • Range: 0 °C to 200 °C
  • Noise: <0.001 °C rms
  • Bandwidth: 10 Hz
CTS has more than 30 years of experience perfecting high precision, repeatable and reliable instruments to optimize the most demanding leak test applications in any manufacturing environment. CTS application engineers can help you develop a custom solution specifically suited to your needs. See the “Custom Instrument” section for a brief overview of our capabilities.

You can trust CTS to provide you with the right solution to fit your specific testing requirement.


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