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QualityWorX CTS DataHub

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QualityWorX CTS DataHub 
Turnkey data storage and analytics for CTS Sentinel Instruments and Sciemetric SigPODs

The QualityWorX CTS DataHub is your first step to an Industry 4.0-driven environment. It’s a turnkey solution that includes a host PC and all the required software. It collects data from a set number of CTS leak test instruments, Sciemetric SigPODs and stores it on an industrial computer. The same PC provides advanced analytics software to make use of the data to provide visibility into the leak test. This solution provides complete traceability data and proof of compliance in an easy to access format to enable continuous optimization and quick response to issues affecting testing.


  • Fully turnkey solution
  • Collects realtime test data from Sentinel instruments and SigPODs
  • Easy set up: start collecting and analyzing data in minutes
  • All test and part data, including digital process signatures
  • Data and trend analysis with advanced analytics software


  • Host PC
  • Integrated QualityWorX database
  • Sciemetric Studio analytics software


  • Up to 10 GB active storage for trending and quick data retrieval. Inquire about QualityWorX Enterprise if your active data storage and retrieval needs are higher.


Data Collected

Part serial number
Part Type
Section, Station
Test type
Test results
Test limits
Digital process signatures (pressure and flow waveforms, where applicable)

Review Trends by Data Type

Statistics: part counts, pass/fail count, statistics for features
Histogram of values
Trend by serial number or time stamp
Station/Task: Pareto or judgment
Overlay waveforms
Histogram and trend of feature values and ranges


The QualityWorX CTS DataHub works with any Sentinel I28 or C28 instrument.
Other Sentinel instruments will soon be added—contact factory for details.
In-field firmware update may be necessary for QualityWorX CTS DataHub communications.

Control Option

Data is retrieved from the Sentinel instruments via TCP/IP using the Ethernet port. Units can be directly connected to the QualityWorX CTS DataHub or connected through the local area network.


Operating System Windows® 10
Database SQL Server local DB
QualityWorX 3.42
5 QualityWorX Instrument Connections (V2)
Analytics Sciemetric Studio LT V1.52

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CTS has more than 35 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing high precision, repeatable, and reliable instruments for demanding leak test applications in manufacturing environments. Our application engineers will work with you to develop a custom solution specifically suited to your needs.

All CTS instruments are CE certified and carry a two-year limited warranty. Normal delivery for all standard instruments is 2-4 weeks plus shipping.

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The QualityWorX CTS DataHub is a joint product by CTS and Sciemetric, click here to learn more about this partnership.