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Market Application Case Study

A medical device manufacturer needed a semi-automated system to test both Single and Dual Limb Respiratory Breathing Circuits in accordance with direction from ISO-5367 standard.
An electronic component manufacturer needs to leak test a sealed sensor for its resistance to ingress; dust, dirt, condensation, and liquids.
A truck manufacturer needs to leak test installed air braking systems to ensure they do not leak and meet federal leak rate standards for commercial vehicles.
Cylinder Head Leak Test System
An engine component manufacturer needs to test cylinder heads to ensure they meet performance specifications.
BBPBTr1 Medical Multi-Lumen Cather Leak and Flow Testing
A medical device manufacturer needed a test instrument to test single, dual, triple and quadruple lumen CVC & PICC Catheters with female Luer fittings.
BBPBTr1 Multi-Part Concurrent Non-Compliant Balloon Catheter Testing
A medical device manufacturer needed a semi-automated system to test non-compliant PTA and PTCA Balloon Catheters.
Leak Location System  Cincinnati Test Systems Engine Final Assembly Leak Location
Manufactures use Leak Location Systems to isolate exterior leaks when standard Engine Assembly tests detect unacceptable pressure loss in the systems.
Helium ReclaimHard Vacuum System Study Helium Recovery for Hard Vacuum Helium Test System
Manufactures lose helium on every test when using Hard Vacuum Helium Leak Test Systems.
Engine Final Assembly Leak Test  Blackbelt Pro Engine Final Assembly Leak Testing
Engine leak testing is performed at final assembly, with main engine component parts installed.
brake hose testing Brake Hose Testing
Safety is high on the list of concerns for today’s manufacturers especially those who manufacture brake components for commercial vehicles.
fueltankleak2_0-1_3 Fuel Tank Leak Testing
The conversion of metal fuel tanks in cars and light trucks to multi-layer plastic designs has been occurring for several years.
engine_block Engine Block Leak Testing
The customer needed a system that was capable of leak testing 85-pound, partially-machined engine blocks.
diesel_injector_test_stand_a Diesel Injector Hydraulic Leak Testing
Diesel engines deliver higher performance, needed for larger trucks and SUV’s using high pressure direct injection.
direct_injection_fuel_rail Direct Injection Gas Fuel Rail Leak Testing
Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) is a modern fuel injection technology employed in today’s gasoline engines.
Hydraulic Motor casting leak testing
Market driver: Many off-road vehicles and trucks use hydraulic cylinders to move heavy objects.
Ammunition Testing
Problem: An ordinance manufacturer is required to audit test assembled ammunition to insure that there are no defects in the assembly process.
Solar Powered Engine
Market driver: The need for renewable energy. The system uses solar radiation to power a sealed sterling engine that uses temperature differential to drive a reciprocating piston engine which in turn produces electricity.
Lithium Ion Battery Leak Testing
Market driver: There is a growing demand for green or clean energy sources.
Fuel Cell Testing
Customer: As the world's demand for energy increases, new energy sources are being researched and developed, specifically alternative fuels, including hydrogen.
Solar Power Tube Testing
Market Driver: There is a growing demand for green or clean energy sources.
High Speed, on-line container leak testing
Market driver: Sports drinks and other premium beverages have significantly increased in popularity which has resulted in new bottling plants being developed to meet the geographical market needs.
Radiator_stand Radiator Testing
The customer needed an inexpensive method to leak test automotive radiators.  The existing process utilized helium mass spectrometry, and previous attempts to utilize pressure decay or mass flow resulted in long cycle times and poor Gage R&R (reliability and repeatability) in their production environment.  The customer produces multiple designs of radiators and requires interchangeable tooling that is quick and easy to change.