Lithium Ion Battery Leak Testing
Market driver: There is a growing demand for green or clean energy sources. This is fueling battery development and use. For commercial use lithium batteries are gaining a market for vehicle power and other uses.
Solar Powered Engine
Market driver: The need for renewable energy. The system uses solar radiation to power a sealed sterling engine that uses temperature differential to drive a reciprocating piston engine which in turn produces electricity.
Ammunition Testing
Problem: An ordinance manufacturer is required to audit test assembled ammunition to insure that there are no defects in the assembly process. They currently are using a water tank dunk with a vacuum pulled on the tank, and then looking for bubbles. All the rounds that are dunked must be discarded, to insure that none were compromised by the water. The manufacturer wanted to find a better way to test without having to toss out good product.
Hydraulic Motor casting leak testing
Market driver: Many off-road vehicles and trucks use hydraulic cylinders to move heavy objects. Hydraulic systems consist of pumps, piping, fittings, cylinders and other components.
Leak Testing SPA Tub Assemblies
Problem: A world-class manufacturer of bathroom and spa tubs conducted a water test on their production line, revealing leaks in the field. Air leak testing allows these leaks to be identified faster than looking for visible water on the production line and is also less operator dependent.
Dishwasher Side Duct Fill Pipe Leak Testing
Market driver: Dishwashers are a typical feature in most kitchens today. This appliance handles water and must not leak or it can cause damage to a house if undetected for a long period of time.
Dishwasher Pump Drain Line Leak Testing
Market driver: Dishwashers are finding their way into most homes today. While performing a valuable time and energy saving function, it must also protect home from water leakage.
Culinary Faucet Function and Leak Testing
Market driver: Premium smart faucet for up-scale kitchen installations demand premium quality and reliability from its upscale customer.
Gas Furnace Burner
Market driver: A high-efficiency design heat exchanger used a new crimp seal design to reduce cost and warranty returns.
Bathroom Faucet
Market driver: The introduction of new faucet designs require the verification of proper assembly to uphold the high-end quality expectation of the customer.
Clothes Dryer Testing
Market driver: The OEM manufacturer introduced a new wrinkle protection feature to their premium clothes dryer line.
Motorcycle Engine Testing
Problem: A motorcycle manufacturer is testing various parts of an engine to make sure the rigid manufacturing and quality standards are being met.
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