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How to Leak Test Disposable Tubing Sets
Single-use disposable tubing sets are broadly used in a range of clinical applications. During the assembly of tubing sets potential leaks and blockages may occur, requiring leak testing. Read the application note to learn how to leak test disposable tubing sets.
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Pressure Testing Medical Bags
Learn how the Sentinel Blackbelt Pro leak test instrument can be used to meet the stringent requirements of pressure testing medical bags.
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How to Leak and Blockage Test Microfluidic Chips
Microfluidic chips are used in a multitude of biological diagnostic applications, including analytical separation, detection, fluid control (sampling/mixing) and more. Learn how CTS performs leak test and blockage tests on microfluidic chips with this application note.
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How to Restriction Test Cannula/Needles and Flow Selection/Regulation Devices
Cannula and flow regulation devices are used almost constantly in thousands of clinical applications today. These devices primarily provide a pathway for the administration or collection of solutions, blood and fluids for patients under treatment. This application note goes through the steps of how to Restriction Test Cannula/Needles and Flow Selection/Regulation Devices.
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How to Test Vascular Access Sheaths for Leaks and Blockages
The customer needed to perform 100% testing of sheath introducers for both leakage and blockage. They had been passing each part through a sequence of three stations of simple variable area flowmeter with a visual marked band indicating the pass fail limit in series with the part. Learn how CTS solved this problem with this application note.
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How to Test Multi-Lumen Catheters for Leaks and Blockages
A medical device manufacturer had a new project requiring 100% testing of several French sizes of Triple-Lumen Catheters. The Catheter’s distal end was tipped and skive holes were cut for each lumen. Learn more about CTS' solution with this application note.
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How to Leak Test Non-Compliant Balloon Catheters
A medical device manufacturer needed to perform 100% testing of a high variety of their PTCA (coronary angioplasty) balloon catheters for leakage. Learn how CTS solved their problem in this application note.
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How to Leak Test Medical One-Way Check Valves
The customer needed to verify the proper function of a pressure-relief valve installed within a drug delivery manifold. The pressure relief valve is designed to allow fluid to escape to a collection area when pressures in the normal fluid path exceeded a defined value. See how CTS solved this problem in this application note.
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How to Leak Test Medical Solution, Fluid or Blood Bags
Testing every medical solution, fluid and blood bag for leaks is critical and the automated test must address the challenges of the flexible material, variable sizes and the manufacturer’s requirements for cycle time and process management. Learn about CTS' solutions.
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How to Leak Test Respiratory Breathing Tubes/Circuits
Respiratory breathing tubes are primarily used to provide an umbilical connection between a ventilator and the patient for inhalation and exhalation gas management. Learn how to leak test respiratory breathing tubes/circuits with this application note.
CTS gives medical device manufacturers an FDA-compliant leak/blockage test
FDA's 21 CFR Part 11 compliancy matters for many medical device manufacturers. Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has worked extensively with our customers in the medical device industry to identify what capabilities a leak/blockage test system must have to be compliant. Learn more.
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An electronic component manufacturer needs to leak test a sealed sensor for its resistance to ingress; dust, dirt, condensation, and liquids. They want to know how well, and how long, the product will perform to manufacturing specification to determine performance and quality issues. They will do 100% inspection to IP67 standards for process control validation. The customer requested a semi-automatic system with manual load/unload. Parts passing the leak test must be physically identified. The system must keep track of rejected parts for accountability.
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