Market driver:

Develop a removable cast to replace the fixed plaster cast. An air pump system inflates a bladder about the critical area to be immobilized. The bladder must maintain pressure for an extended time period without re-pressurization.

Test requirement:

Test inflation bladder after assembly to assure that it will maintain an acceptable pressure level for a prolong period of time when applied to a patient.

Pressure loss over time cannot be exceed a minimum level in order for the cast to perform it’s intended use over the duration of the recovery period.

CTS solution:

CTS designed a unique test stand to perform tests on four independent units at a time. The test fixtures constrain the bladder when inflated to significantly limit and stabilize the air volume to reduce the overall test cycle time. The sensitive pressure decay tests detect very small pressure losses that indicate that the bladder will not maintain pressure for an acceptable use time.

Pneumatic Cast Air Pump System

Download (325.7 kb) Pneumatic Cast