Leak Testing SPA Tub Assemblies


Problem: A world-class manufacturer of bathroom and spa tubs conducted a water test on their production line, revealing leaks in the field. Air leak testing allows these leaks to be identified faster than looking for visible water on the production line and is also less operator dependent.

Test Requirement: To properly assess where leaks are occurring on different spa tub designs, multiple jet ports of varying sizes and locations need to be sealed. The test system must utilize flexible technology in order to accommodate the many different tubs and sealing requirements.

CTS Solution:

Cincinnati Test Systems developed a leak detection test cell that included the following features and components:

  • CTS Sentinel I-24 Mass Flow Instrument specially fitted with a water-resistant flow meter
  • Customized CTS Connect™ seals and 2-way manual actuation valves to pneumatically seal water jet ports and drain
  • System enclosure with a window and locking door
  • Bar code scanner with capability for inputting information into a PC automatically or manually
  • Data collection interface between the Sentinel I-24 and customer hosted database to store test data with each tub design


CTS Sentinel I-24 Mass Flow Instrument

Download (268 kb) LeakTesting SPA Tub Assemblies