How to Leak Test Respiratory Breathing Tubes/Circuits


Market Requirements:

Respiratory breathing tubes, also called ventilator breathing sets, ventilator breathing circuits, anesthetic breathing sets or anesthetic breathing circuits, are primarily used to provide an umbilical connection between a ventilator and the patient for inhalation and exhalation gas management. In some cases, they are also used for anesthetic delivery. Most frequently manufactured from corrugated polymer tubing, common variants include single limb, dual limb, coaxial in both heated and non-heated variants. 

These tubes need to be testing for leaks for proper funtioning in the field.

CTS Solution:

To test 100% of production, medical device manufacturers typically use dry positive pressure mass flow leak testing with a single-channel Sentinel Blackbelt or multi-channel Blackbelt Pro instrument. For most applications, the test is executed using clean and dry compressed air at approximately 60 cmH2O (0.85 psig) positive pressure. This pressure is largely driven by the audit testing specifications prescribed under ISO-5367.   

Read the application note below to learn about each step of the testing process. 
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