How to Leak Test Disposable Tubing Sets


Market Requirement:

Single-use disposable tubing sets are broadly used in a range of clinical applications for the transfer of IV solutions, drugs/medications, blood, waste and other various liquids either between containment components or between a container and patient.

In nearly all cases, these tubing sets have both an inlet and one or more outlets which may later be mated by the clinician to any number of various bags/bottles and delivery needles/cannula.

Common Tubing Sets:
• IV Administration Set
• Drug Infusion Set
• Blood Transfer Set
• Chemo Infusion Set
• Venous Infusion Set
• Insulin Infusion Set
• Solution Set
• Filtered/Unfiltered Infusion Set
• Vented/Unvented Infusion Set
• Waste Transfer Set
• Gravity Administration Set
• Enteral Feeding Set
• IV Extension Set
• Contrast Solution Set
• Wound Drainage Set

During assembly where various adhesives or welds mate rigid injection molded components to softer flexible tubing, potential leaks and blockages may occur, requiring leak testing. 

CTS Solution:

Testing 100% of parts in production typically requires dry compressed air pressure decay. The single-channel Sentinel Blackbelt or multi-channel Blackbelt Pro pressure decay instruments are designed for this purpose.

Read the application note below to learn about each step of the testing process. 

Download (2 mb) How to Leak Test Disposable Tubing Sets