Function Testing truck turbo actuators


Problem: The manufacturer of truck turbo systems performs several function tests on the turbo actuator to verify product performance. The turbo actuator adjusts the amount of boost provided by a turbo in a truck engine. This Smart Actuator with on-board processor communicates through CAN communications to the truck’s engine.

Test Requirement: Response Test: Checks the speed of the actuator moving to the open position and to the closed position.

Position Accuracy Test: Checks the device’s accuracy when moving to and holding at defined locations.

Fail Safe Test: Checks to make sure the unit will move to an off state position in the event of a power failure.

Seating Torque: Verifies the unit can produce a minimum amount of torque. Internal Check: Communicates with the on-board processor to verify that registers are set to the correct values and for any internal error codes.

CTS Solution: Cincinnati Test Systems developed a single station test stand with an auto-unload conveyor for rejected parts. The system also includes the following features:

  • Accepted parts are marked by a Pin stamp with the Julian date code and serial number.
  • Dual reject lanes on an indexing reject conveyor protects parts and segregates the rejected parts.
  • Adjustable actuator arm torque system capable of holding a preset torque during motion and non-motion of the actuator arm.
  • Hybrid controls system using Lab View and an Allen-Bradley PLC.

The Result: The manufacturer is very pleased with the stand’s performance and is considering purchasing more.


Function Testing truck turbo actuators

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