Engine Final Assembly Leak Testing

Engine Final Assembly Leak Test  Blackbelt Pro

Test requirements:
Engine leak testing is performed at final assembly, with main engine component parts installed. Engine leak testing is performed using independent tests - performed with unique pressures and test times for each cavity. The leak testing system should be portable, self-contained, and provide flexibility and allow the system to be positioned close to the Engine Assembly test location and its overall physical size is important.

CTS solution:
CTS offers several instrument models that can be applied to engine leak testing. The Blackbelt Pro instrument is our next generation of multi-test, multi-port, multi-channel test instrumentation.  The Blackbelt Pro provides leak and flow, pressure, and vacuum testing in one integrated instrument and configurable to include up to 4 independent test ports.  For this application, one (1) Blackbelt Pro instrument provides all the functionality for this 3-chamber mass flow engine leak test application. It can be equipped with 1 to 4 independent flow sensors each with different ranges to accommodate low, medium, and high flow requirements for increased capability.

The Blackbelt Pro provides the capability to perform synchronous and asynchronous testing and the flexibility to customize programs to provide sequential and conditional test routines. As compared to previous engine test systems, the Blackbelt Pro solution provides additional operating efficiency controlling the test sequencing as a stand-alone instrument, as well as reducing system hardware costs by using a single Blackbelt Pro instrument.    


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