Diesel Fuel Filter Leak Testing


Market Driver: Heavy, over the road trucks require filtration and conditioning of their diesel fuel supply to insure optimal performance and efficiency. The test part is a large multichannel diesel fuel filter casting that incorporates coolant lines.

Test Requirement: Each channel in the machined casting must be sealed and tested independently. Conduct three independent leak tests on separate channels, with a leak test specification of 2.5 scc/m @ 87 psig.

CTS Solution: The test system is designed utilizing both pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders to accommodate sealing multiple ports, in 25 different seal locations. The sealing is accomplished with a combination of flat face seals on flat machine surfaces, bullet nose seals on the chamfer of threaded ports, and expanding ID seals on machined ID surfaces to simulate real world o-ring seals.

The leak test is conducted utilizing a single test Sentinel I-24 pressure decay leak test instrument that is interfaced with a PLC control system. The PLC communicates with and controls the instrument and calls upon the three different test parameters utilized during the three independent channel leak tests.

Diesel Fuel Filter Leak Test

Download (197.54 kb) Diesel Fuel Filter Leak Testing