Diesel Engine Portable Leak Test Stand


Market driver:

Modern diesel engines have a wide variety of options which make the assembly process complex. Expensive warranty claims are avoided by testing the assembled engines with air to verify the integrity of the critical cavities prior to shipping to the vehicle assembly plant.

Test requirement:

Engine block testing requires that the water, oil and air cavities are each tested to insure that there are no internal or external leaks in the assembled engine. The engine manufacturer required the test stands to be easily moved in place on the engine test line.

CTS solution:

An enclosure design consisting of three Sentinel I-24 leak test instruments, a master PLC and LCD operator display was integrated onto a mobile cart frame. The system measures the pressure decay in the various engine cavities, after custom seals and connectors are installed to seal the cavities.

Diesel Engine Portable Leak Test Stand

Download (1 mb) Diesel Engine Portable Leak Test Stand