Culinary Faucet Function and Leak Testing


Market driver: Premium smart faucet for up-scale kitchen installations demand premium quality and reliability from its upscale customer.

Culinary Faucet Function and Leak Test

Test requirement: Test the faucet for leaks in the hot, cold and total body and verify a series of functional capabilities involving its hands-free and touch-control technology design and spray wand operation.

CTS solution: Custom test stands perform the pressure decay leak test and functional tests. The pressure decay closed valve test checks for a 5 sccm leak and the open valve test at 10 sccm, both at 45 psig. The function tests involve a series of electrical signal measurements that move back and forth between the faucet controller and the test machinery PLC processor. The touch feature proved to be one of the difficult challenges. A circuit to simulate the human body’s characteristics was integrated into the test system.

Download (235.25 kb) Culinary Faucet Function and Leak Testing