Leak Test and In-Process Test Seminars


The CTS 2020 Annual Fall Seminar (Online Edition)

Expand your knowledge and expertise in leak test technology and techniques

**NOTE: These live sessions occured August 24-28, 2020. A collection of the sessions are now available on-demand. Click here to view full list of on-demand recordings, or fill out this registration form and a member of our team will be in touch with a direct link. 
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CTS supplied our annual fall seminar through a series of virtual webinars. Each day we provided a 1-hour webinar in the morning and afternoon intended for beginner and intermediate operators and engineers to expand their expertise in leak testing.

Each session discussed various types of leak testing, teaching you how, why and when each technique is used. These sessions also included demos and a virtual tour to see the techniques in action.

Topics Covered:

    Leak Test 101 – Learn the Fundamentals of Leak Testing
    •    Correlated Leak Rates and IP67
    •    Variation that Affects Test Results
    •    Technology Sensitivities

    Pressure Decay, Differential Pressure Decay and Mass Flow technologies will be reviewed
    •    Volume Dependency
    •    Factors Affecting Cycle Time
    •    Calibration
    •    Regulated Pressure affects

    Tracer Gas Leak Testing Techniques
    •    Different types and sensitivity ranges of each
    •    What is Background noise and its affect
    •    Calibration
    •    Locate the leak easily

    Leak Test Station Optimization and CTS Connects
    •    Effective Sealing techniques
    •    Hold Back Force
    •    Pneumatic and Manual placement of seals
    •    Factors affecting a faulty test station

    Virtual Tour of CTS instruments and Test systems of each technology
    •    Pressure Decay Demonstration
    •    Mass Flow Demonstration
    •    Tracer Gas Sniff and Leak Location
    •    Hard Vacuum Mass Spec Leak Testing