Servicio de recertificación de fugas estándar

Cincinnati Test Systems offers CTS factory Leak Standard Recertification for all commercially manufactured leak standards. If you calibrate your leak test to a leak standard, your Leak Standards must be certified to provide the flow rate at specific test pressure. CTS will check your Leak Standard and recalibrate it to the ‘as manufactured leak rate specification at our CTS factory. 
CTS calibrated leak standards
Our calibration lab is A2LA accredited, certificate no. 1667.01, and ISO 17025: 2005 accredited insuring that the strictest controlled calibration procedures are followed in manufacturing process.  Your leak standard will be returned to you with a serialized Calibration Certificates traceable to NIST standards. The CTS A2LA accreditation ensures the recertification is performed using procedures and equipment that will certify flow and pressure measurements are within specific limits of uncertainty: 
  • Flow calibration:
    50 – 20,000 scc/min within 0.50 percent of full scale
  • Pressure calibration:
    -14.7 to 1000 psig within 0.05 percent of full scale
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standard requirements.
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