Standard and Custom Sealing Solutions by Teset Experts

CTS Seals – Industrial Seals

If you have a leak testing or filling application, Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has industrial seals or pneumatic connectors that will fit your need. CTS has designed and manufactured standard and custom seals for more than 30 years. Chances are CTS has a seal for your sealing application saving you time and money in expensive tooling.

Bullet and Inverted Face Seals

CTS offers bullet and inverted bullet face seals used for a variety of openings. The seal point can range from: Flat, Chamfered, or Angled faces.

Custom Seals for Non Standard Applications

CTS designs and manufactures custom seals for applications; let us take over where off the shelf solutions don’t work. Each seal is designed and manufactured to contour to the customer part openings for a reliable performance.

CTS offers over 1000 different standard industrial seals in all shapes and sizes

Available in different shapes, sizes and hardnesses. Contact us for all of your industrial seal needs.

CTS Seal Inventory

CTS manufactures a standard line of manually or pneumatic connectors

CTS has special designs to fit most openings including: Threaded, Smooth, and Much more.

CTS provides seals that are used in many applications. The materials range from different hardness, high tinsel strength, and chemical resistant compounds that fit our customer manufacturing processes. We also have seals designed for fine leak applications where permeations may be a problem.

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