Hydrogen Gas Leak Detection System

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This Hydrogen Gas Leak Detector is another form of atmospheric leak testing that uses Hydrogen/Nitrogen mix tracer gas. This system uses a Hydrogen gas sensing system to detect micro-leaks. This TracerMate Leak Location System uses the INFICON Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector and Sensing Probe to detect Hydrogen leaks in the 1 x 10-5 scc/m range. 

The leak detector uses the TracerMate II charge system for part evacuation, test pressure, gross leak testing, tracer gas backfill, and executes the exhaust process.  The Hydrogen leak detection system utilizes a simple plug-and-play interface connection to the Sentrac Hydrogen gas sensing device. Unlike a ‘Sniff System’ this leak locating system uses a Hydrogen Gas Sensing Probe to signal the presence of Hydrogen and identify a leak. This leak test system alerts the leak with an indicator light and sound. Once a leak is detected, moving the sensing probe away from the leak area clears the alert and moving it back to the leak pinpoints the leak with precision accuracy.

This low-cost TracerMate Leak Location System is a perfect leak locating solution for assembly line testing and repair loops. Hydrogen sniff systems do not work well where background has a high concentration of hydrogen. By creating an environment that is well ventilated, false leak failures can be minimized. 

Once the leak is fixed, the TracerMate can perform pressure decay testing on the part to verify that it meets factory specifications prior to shipment.

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