Explaining the Technical Differences for Testing Water Leaks and A2L Refrigerant Leaks in Manufacturing

If you are responsible for leak testing assemblies used in refrigeration such as cooling plates, refrigerant coils, water chillers, and heat pumps, this webinar will provide insight to help you choose the right test methodology for your application and optimize your current test process. Led by CTS HVAC/R specialist Jeff McBee, you will learn the technology differences for:

  • Non-destructive testing for water leaks
    • Understanding water leaks vs. actual air leak rates
    • The best test technology for detecting these leaks
    • Leak location in repair for finding known leaks

  • Functional flow testing refrigerant circuits
    • Understand the best ways to do capillary testing

  • The testing methodology related to refrigerants and water circuits
    • Proof or Gross leak testing
    • Final assembly leak testing before and after refrigerant fill
    • Testing tube assemblies

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You'll learn how to choose the right test methodology for leak testing assemblies used in refrigeration.

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