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Hard Vacuum Helium Leak Test Systems

Hard Vacuum Helium Leak Testing is the most accurate and efficient of all tracer gas leak detection systems. Hard Vacuum systems are used in production leak testing to test parts with very low (extremely small) leak rates.

Highlights of Hard Vacuum Leak Testing:

Custom Dual Station Hard Vacuum Helium Leak Test System

  • Extreme sensitivity detects leaks up to 1 x 10-8 scc/s
  • High repeatability and fast cycle time
  • Very high leak detection accuracy reduces false leak failures

In a Hard Vacuum Helium leak test system, the part is placed in a sealed chamber, secured, and a vacuum pump removes all the atmosphere from the chamber and part. After a sufficient vacuum is reached the test cycle begins. The Mass Spectrometer begins to sample the chamber for helium, at the same time, the part fills with helium to test pressure specifications. The mass spectrometer continuously samples for tracer gas escaping from the part, analyzing the Helium molecular flow compared to the reject set point for the test.  If Helium measurements exceed the reject specification the part fails the leak test.

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Custom TracerMate Controlled Small Chamber Hard Vacuum Helium Test System