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Cincinnati Test Systems offers a free, multi-purpose leak rate calculator for system calibration and measurements. This tool can be used for pressure/volume conversions, pressure decay and helium accumulation leak rate calculations, flow rate conversions, and gas recovery/flow capacity measurements.

Versatile and easy to use, the leak rate calculator provides measurement and conversion rates in multiple metric and imperial units. Unknown variables in leak rate calculations can be determined among test volume, leak rate, test time, and pressure drop or helium concentration change (depending on leak rate being measured). All instructions for the tool’s various calculation capabilities are printed on its faces for quick reference.

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The Ideal Gas Law: PV=nRT
For more information please see the following bulletin: AB143.pdf
The leakrate equation (below) is used to find either the leakrate or the test cycle time for a Pressure Decay test. LR=(V∙∆P∙60sec/min)/(t sec∙14.7)

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