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Manager at GM Regarding the QualityWorx CTS DataHub

“Prior to implementing the CTS DataHub on one of our transmission assembly lines, efforts to reduce cycle and increase First Time Acceptance were not yielding the desired results.  However, within 3-4 hours after we installed the CTS DataHub, the picture started to become more clear.  
The CTS DataHub utilizes Sciemetric’s Studio LT software which processes the test result data and provides an intuitive visualization tool.  After being able to analyze the unique signature of each transmission being tested, we could begin to visualize what was happening inside the transmission while it was being tested.  Armed with this data, we were able to optimize our test process.  The changes that we were able to make reduced the cycle time substantially while  significantly improving the First Time Acceptance.
The bottom line is that the CTS DataHub is a cost effective and powerful tool that added value in our production process.  With minimal investment, that data the we had all along is now being utilized to  improve our operational efficiency.  I would highly recommend the CTS DataHub to all manufacturers that are serious about continuous improvement and not just storing data.”