Fall_Seminar_2012 CTS Fall Seminar Wrap-up!!
Cincinnati Test Systems wraps up the year strong with our 27thannual fall seminar on November 7thand 8th.
BE The TASI Group completes the acquisition of Bonfiglioli Engineering Group
The TASI Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of Bonfiglioli Engineering Group, a leading manufacturer of Leak Test & Quality Inspection equipment and systems, serving the pharmaceutical, metal container and food & beverage market verticals.
Helium Shortage?
Helium goes into a lot more than balloons. Helium gas is inert and has extreme melting and boiling points—both near absolute zero—scientists use it in cryogenics, high-energy accelerators, arc welding, and Leak Testing.
CTS Receives A2LA Accreditation
Laboratory accreditation uses criteria and procedures specifically developed to determine technical competence.
bb CTS introduces new Blackbelt bench top leak tester
Cleves, Ohio – The Blackbelt is a precision benchtop leak test instrument designed for maximum performance and minimal space requirements.
The New Sentinel C-28!
Cleves, Ohio – The Sentinel C-28 is Cincinnati Test System’s latest addition to the technologically advanced Sentinel leak test instrument family.
Cincinnati Test Systems named as partner in fuel cell test development by the Department of Energy.
UltraCell Corp. has been awarded a three-year, $2.4 million cost-share grant from the Department of Energy to develop a quality control
cts_luer_connect_detail Medical Pressure Relief Valve Function Testing
The customer needed to verify the proper function of a pressure-relief valve installed within a drug delivery manifold.
bb_w_luer_&_part_accept_0 Non-Compliant Balloon Catheter Testing
A medical device manufacturer needed to perform 100% testing of a high variety of their PTCA (coronary angioplasty) balloon catheters for leakage.
bb_w_luer_&_part_accept_0 Medical Bag & Bladder Leak Testing
The customer needed to perform 100% testing of various sizes of IV Bags for leakage.
multi-lumen_catheter Multi-Lumen Catheter Flow & Leak Testing
A medical device manufacturer had a new project requiring 100% testing of several French sizes of Triple-Lumen Catheters.
infusion Drug Infusion set flow & leak testing
A medical device manufacturer required 100% testing of several models of solvent bonded Drug Infusion Sets comprised of tubing, various connectors and a specific ranges of flow restrictors.
enteralfeeding Enteral Feeding Bag leak and blockage testing
A medical device manufacturer requires 100% testing on high volumes of several models of solvent bonded Enteral Feeding (Temporal Nutrition) Sets.
blackbelt_test_instrument Sheath Introducer Leak & Blockage Testing
The customer needed to perform 100% testing of sheath introducers for both leakage and blockage.
dieselengineportableleak2_0 Diesel Engine Portable Leak Test Stand
Modern diesel engines have a wide variety of options which make the assembly process complex.
egrvalvefunction2_0_4 EGR Valve Function and Leak Test
The major engine manufacturers are currently developing improvements in the diesel engine to reduce Nox emissions to meet the 2010 standards.
ahresty_custom_machine Engine Bracket Casting Assembly Verification
100% Quality assembly of components being shipped from customer to OEM manufacturer.
firesup2_1 Fire Suppression Canister Leak Testing
Many police cruisers and heavy equipment vehicles have special fire suppressant modules in their trunks or near the engines to quickly extinguish potential fires due to rear end collisions or fuel malfunctions.
conmet Turbo charger housing leak testing
Increased power, improved fuel consumption and reduced exhaust gas pollution is driving the high growth rate of turbo charged diesel engines.
gas_tank_test_stand Leak Testing Garden Tractor Gas Tanks
A manufacturer of lawn & garden tractors needed to leak test a new fuel tank.
parker_hannifin_cropped_0 Diesel Fuel Filter Leak Testing
Market Driver: Heavy, over the road trucks require filtration and conditioning of their diesel fuel supply to insure optimal performance and efficiency.
function_test_of_truck_turbo_0 Function Testing truck turbo actuators
Problem: The manufacturer of truck turbo systems performs several function tests on the turbo actuator to verify product performance.
motorcycle_test_stand Motorcycle Engine Testing
Problem: A motorcycle manufacturer is testing various parts of an engine to make sure the rigid manufacturing and quality standards are being met.
clothesdryer2_0 Clothes Dryer Testing
Market driver: The OEM manufacturer introduced a new wrinkle protection feature to their premium clothes dryer line.
bathroomfaucet2_0 Bathroom Faucet
Market driver: The introduction of new faucet designs require the verification of proper assembly to uphold the high-end quality expectation of the customer.
gasfurnace2_0 Gas Furnace Burner
Market driver: A high-efficiency design heat exchanger used a new crimp seal design to reduce cost and warranty returns.
culinaryfaucet2_0 Culinary Faucet Function and Leak Testing
Market driver: Premium smart faucet for up-scale kitchen installations demand premium quality and reliability from its upscale customer.
dishwasherpumpdrainline2_0 Dishwasher Pump Drain Line Leak Testing
Market driver: Dishwashers are finding their way into most homes today.
dishwashersideduct2_0_5 Dishwasher Side Duct Fill Pipe Leak Testing
Market driver: Dishwashers are a typical feature in most kitchens today.
sentinel_i-24 Leak Testing SPA Tub Assemblies
Problem: A world-class manufacturer of bathroom and spa tubs conducted a water test on their production line, revealing leaks in the field.
emergencyresponder2_0 Emergency Responder Breathing Apparatus Controls and Components
Market driver: Fire and rescue crews use emergency air breathing systems for management of their air supply and communication.