Motorcycle Engine Testing

Problem: A motorcycle manufacturer is testing various parts of an engine to make sure the rigid manufacturing and quality standards are being met.

Test Requirement: Three separate tests are required:
  1. Leak Test the flywheel cavity, cam chest cavity, cylinder deck, and oil pump mounting face @ 25 psig with a reject rate of 12 scc/m.
  2. Leak Test the transmission cavity @ 10 psig with a reject leak rate of 8 scc/m.
  3. Leak Test the high pressure oil feed passageway, lifter bores, oil filter mount and both oil jet assemblies @ 60 psig with a max. reject leak of 8 scc/min.

CTS Solution: Cincinnati Test Systems developed a single-station leak detection test stand that can be manually loaded and unloaded. A robot interface was also provided. The leak tests are performed by the CTS Sentinel I-24 mass flow instrument. Control is provided by an Allen-Bradley SLC-5/05 PLC with an operator interface through a PC.

Motorcycle Engine Test

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