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Complete, accurate testing is important for the safe operation of catheters. Because there are many types of these devices, it is essential that the correct catheter testing method be used. There are numerous methods of catheter testing that utilize pressure and vacuum.

Cincinnati Test Systems’ test devices are uniquely suited to cath test applications. Our leak testing technology includes, but is not limited to:

CTS’ Catheter Testing Solutions

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) manufactures a full line of high-performance instruments that are ideal for catheter testing. Our Sentinel leak test units and customizable systems offer a range of cath test capabilities for non-compliant balloon catheters, multi-lumen catheters, and more. We will work with you to determine which test device is right for your catheter testing needs. 

All CTS catheter testing equipment is calibrated to traceable standards and will store a variety of data to provide a comprehensive history of results.

For complete catheter testing and data collection, look no further than Cincinnati Test Systems. Contact us today to find the right Sentinel testing system for your needs.